This I Believe

Laura - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

THIS I BELIEVE. People are like trees: both grow and mature through the core and the foundation. For a tree, the roots bury deeper and deeper, searching for water and nutrients to nurture the plant. Similarly, our metaphorical roots rely on the community in which we live: the family, friends, and acquaintances that contribute to our daily lives. Without positive, authentic relationships, one does not have the opportunity to develop to his or her fullest potential.

I believe that relationships must develop throughout multiple generations. The elder person is able to give advice because they have experienced the struggles and situations that the younger person encounters. My sister, an older influence, continually and immensely impacts my life. With modern technology, I know that she is just an email or a phone call away, and is willing to help anytime I need her. Seventh grade was an exceptionally difficult year for me: socially and emotionally. All of my elementary school friends went to different middle schools, and I had a difficult time fitting in with the “group” I tried to be a part of, which were girls who had grown up together. With my sister’s advice and assistance, she helped me through the year, and I continue to approach her with my struggles. From the other side of the relationship, being the older friend has given me the opportunity to mentor younger girls. I can give them information about events I experienced, how to handle situations, and what to expect in their coming years.

Additionally, I believe that one must develop close relationships with their peers. This allows people to have the opportunity to trust and rely on people, and to give back in return. My cousin and I have grown up our entire lives together, and have learned to support and challenge each other, to hold each other accountable for our moral standards, and to relate to each other, even with our varied lives and chaotic schedules. From dance, soccer, swim team, church, school, family events, and numerous weekend sleepovers, we have shared every moment of our lives together, creating an inseparable bond.

I believe deep, meaningful relationships are essential for growth and development. Intangibles should not collapse because of irrelevant, surface events. THIS I BELIEVE.