This I Believe

Kenna - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that if you try to be optimistic, you are most likely to eliminate the negative, and well, that makes life so much more positive.

I started high school wanting to affect people in a positive way. I figured that the last thing anyone needs is a pessimist. So, that is how I began to identify myself, an optimist. I love to laugh, (which is no secret by the way.) The other day I was sitting in history class, and my teacher was making me laugh really hard. When I had finally managed to stop, he said to me, “That laugh is so contagious,” then he turned to the class, ”Doesn’t that laugh make you want to laugh too?” Point being that even something like a laugh can spread happiness quickly. That is just one way you can make a happy difference in someone’s day. A smile, or a wave, just simple things that show people that you care enough about them to notice them, even if you have no clue who they are. If you see that someone is having a bad day, don’t make it worse, just give them a smile and ask what’s wrong. Sometimes to make someone feel better, you just need to show them that you care.

I believe that the key to happiness is to put others before you. I remember one day one of my best friends was really down. I wasn’t having such a great day either, but I decided to ignore that fact and put him first. That quickly made me feel better because I was worrying about someone else instead of my self. In essence, happiness is lack of selfishness.

When you eliminate negativity, all that you have left is positivity. It easier to have a happy outlook on life when you don’t allow anything to bring you down.

I believe that optimism changes lives, and changes outlooks. I believe that laughing is the anecdote for anything and everything. I believe that the lack of selfishness is the key to happiness.