This I Believe

Elise - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in the Therapeutic Ability of Music

As cliché as it sounds music is what makes me feel better, nothing can give me more confidence or pride in myself than the hard work I put into music. I am neither a great concert pianist nor an aspiring opera singer my talent and study are far more humble. I sing in my school choir and take vocal lessons. These may sound like any extracurricular activities and they are but that is what makes them so important to me. It is not my future or something I plan to pursue it is just for my own personal enjoyment.

I recently competed in a classical solo music competition for high school students in the Midwest and although I did not win, I did advance to a rather high level. Since this competition has ended, my confidence has improved and I have felt better about my abilities and myself. Of course, this experience could have had the opposite affect as some of my other musical endeavors have, but nonetheless I feel that taking a risk and benefiting from it has been one of the better choices I have made.

The music kept me from quitting. How much I love to perform and love to sing is what made me take the risk. But music is not always on a such a grand scale in my life. Sometimes simply singing along to a CD is all the music I encounter in one day but even this small amount affects my life.

I am very devoted to school and work hard in a very challenging program. I can remember a time in my sophomore year when I was studying for my final exam in my most challenging class and felt as though it was hopeless that I would do well on the test. I decided to take a break and sing through my music for choir. No one was home so I felt like I could sing as load as I wanted and I did. It was not particularly my best singing but it made me feel better to do something I was good at, so I continued singing along to soundtracks from musical and releasing my stress. This activity does not compare to singing for a vocal competition but it did relax me and release the pressure I felt from school. I do not remember what I got on my chemistry test but I do remember singing at the top of my lungs to the soundtrack from the musical “Wicked,” having a great time doing so and feeling much better about myself in the process.