This I Believe

Josh - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe

From a very early age, my parents have been the basis of my existence, much like most people. As I start to make my way into adulthood through high school, I can feel the tension that is put on my relationship with my parents. I believe that this is something that most kids go through and it leaves a permanent scar on some of them. Their relationships with their parents are never the same. Surely rebellion is something that all kids entering teenage years go through, but some take it way too far and end up hurting themselves.

This further stresses what I believe. I believe that a good relationship between parents and kids results in happy lives for the children and the entire family. I have experienced this with my family. My four siblings are happiest when my parents and I are agreeing on most things and not arguing about petty incidents, like all families do at one time or another. I have also experienced that when there is turmoil between my parents and I, the younger siblings feel the tension and react with problems of their own.

What I have experienced in the time that I have been alive is that when parents are behind their kids and support what the kids do, it is much easier for the child to make good decisions. Kids, especially when entering into teenage years, experience a feeling of self consciousness. When your parents accept who you are and don’t try to change you, it makes you much more comfortable with other people.

This idea really came true when I was on vacation with my family to Arizona. My parents had been arguing over some petty matter that involved little involvement from me or any of my siblings. When we got to the hotel, though nobody had expressed disproval of the situation, I could feel the demeanor of the family going down the drain. I started arguing with them, which only fueled the conversation and by the time that we checked into our room, the smaller kids were antagonizing each other and things were chaotic. Finally, the argument settled down and the kids settled with it. I thought that it was fascinating how the attitude of the older members of the family affected how the whole dynamics of the family operated.

When parents and their teenage child agree, it makes life better for the entire family and leads to a much easier experience in high school and throughout the rest of life. I believe that if society followed this idea, there would be much more agreement and less conflict in the world, but we can’t all have it our way.