This I Believe

Rebecca - plano, Texas
Entered on November 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

There’s More Out There

I’ve grown up in a town that is unlike any other place I’ve ever been to. What people assume when I tell them where I’m from is that I’m loaded with money and have probably never had to work a day in my 16 year old life. They assume I get everything I want no matter what it is, and that I must party every weekend like most of the other teenagers at my high school. I’m used to all of the assumptions of course , that’s why I pride myself on being as different as I possibly can be from those I’m surrounded by on a daily basis.

In my high school maturity is scarce. It’s saturated by material possessions and the social hierarchy that’s in every high school; only in this town it seems amplified. That’s why I believe that there are more important things in life, things worth caring about that don’t involve the latest fashions and the coolest parties. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’ve developed this idea overnight, trust me, it’s taken many different and sometimes difficult experiences to help me realize that none of this stuff matters, that we all need to step back and look at the big picture.

I remember how in 5th grade I would have done anything and everything to be part of the “popular crowd”. I would beg my mom to go out with me after she had come home from work to the mall so that I could try and squeeze my chubby little body into an Abercrombie shirt in the hopes that that very shirt would make the other girls on the playground want to play with me.

Looking back I’ve asked my self numerous times why did I do it, why did it seem so important to fit in. Why couldn’t I see that in the long run it wouldn’t matter, that by the end of 5th grade those girls would have stopped speaking to me anyway and that I had made my mom spend 20 dollars on a shirt that I would never wear out in public again.

Many people have told me that they went through the same thing and that once you get to college and out into the real world things would be different. People will judge you on your character and not on how much money your parents have or what kind of car you drive. Whether or not that’s true I’m not quite sure yet. But for now, that’s why I believe it’s time for me to see past all of these temporary things at a young age and start working towards finding out what’s really important, no matter what others might think