This I Believe

Elektra - East Hardwick, Vermont
Entered on November 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

I believe in the powers of one’s imagination. Within my mind, fantasy will always surpass reality. In today’s world I find imagination is a far more reliable place than reality. The nonsense and absurdities of life ought to be thought of as being just as valuable as life’s nonfiction. So many people forget how powerful the worlds of your imagination can be.

Growing up as an only child, I spent most of my time traveling through books, which were the marvels of their writer’s thoughts. My favorite was Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I believed other worlds could be found on the backs of mirrors, all flowers were asleep and could be awoken, that caterpillars smoked hookahs, and rabbits wore waistcoats. Today I still believe that fiction and fantasy can become reality. When you live in a world filled with so much war, death, famine, and disease why is reality so great? I believe that children may understand this world better than the rest of us because they still see its magic: the existence of imaginary friends, the power of a stuffed animal or a blanket, the fun that can be had from just jumping in mud puddles, and the prospect of entering the worlds depicted in literature. I think adults rarely remember these things, nor do they still dream of the possibilities of visiting the land of Narnia, traveling to Willy Wonka’s Factory or stepping through a mirror into Wonderland.

I believe that maybe if adults could just remember the happier moments of their childhoods and what it was like to not know a world filled with war, suffering, death, famine, sickness, and fear, then maybe everyone would envision it so and it would become as real as the lands in a child’s favorite book.