This I Believe

donna - beverly, Massachusetts
Entered on November 11, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family

I believe it is time for all super heros to fold up their capes, hang up their bat phones and put down their weapons. Our children need real heros to look up, hold on to and learn from.

As a child I found comfort

in my Grandfather’s shadow

nestling in his towing wisdom

his spoken words

gently whispered guidance

as callused hands told stories

walking me through his years

with innocent glimpses

of his unmet dreams

His aging eyes captured my adoration

mirroring tradition and casting fortune

At times they would twinkle

inviting my loyalty and respect

as his unrestrained smile balanced

yesterdays pains and joy

Time embedded forehead lines

mapped his many journeys and detours

through life with respect not regret

Often my Grandfather would cup his ear

as he listened to my hunger for his affection

while never letting on that he knew

my adventurous stories were exaggerated

for his benefit

My Grandfather always paused before he spoke

claiming my full attention in anticipation

for the “rest of the story”

and the lessons behind his words

I carry my Grandfather’s impact on me

as I map out and journey my own life

while I proudly dance in his shadow.