This I Believe

Entered on November 11, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65


I believe in the lessons that history teaches us.

When America decided to invade Iraq, in the name of democracy, I was, as many other people were, indifferent to the unilateral action taken by United States of America. My thoughts were geared towards stopping “TERRORISM.”.

Soon after the invasion of this foreign country, I realized that America was not prepared to offer the citizens of Iraq a better quality of life through democracy, but rather that the leaders of the U.S.A. were thinking about how history books were going to depict them (individually) in the future (All you need is to watch their interviews on television):

1- As decisive men of action, who did no listen to world-wide cries of caution and justice,

2- As decisive men of action who brought new dimensions to the puny population of this planet Earth,

But, wasn’t it that what Hitler was probably thinking when he decided, to unilaterally annihilate the Jewish population?

When the United States of America invaded Iraq did our leaders:

1- Offer clear plans to offer a better government to the citizens of Iraq?

2- Protection to the history and wellbeing of that county?

My answer is no!!

At this point in history, Iraq and the U.S.A, Army are in a worse state than these two institutions were before the invasion:

1- Iraq is in civil war

2- Iraq’s infra-structure has been destroyed

3- America’s young people are dying,

4- American and Iraqi families are being destroyed, by the death of the young, who are our connection generation to the future.

In conclusion, our leaders have not thought, for a minute, about the lessons that history have taught us.

We need leaders who no only read the history of the world, philosophy, metaphysics, biology, physics, but leaders who meditate about the past the present and the future of our civilization.

If all the leaders of the world take time to think about the future consequences of their actions, not at an individual level but at a universal level, our world would be a magnificent place to bring new life to.