This I Believe

Jeannie - Willoughby, Ohio
Entered on November 10, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the opportunities of a new dawn.

As I lace up my walking shoes and leash up my two labs, I believe in this daily exercise that wakes my mind, body and soul.

I believe in the faithfulness of my two, four-legged friends as they excitedly run to the door, even if it is only 5am.

I believe in the kindness I show as I pick up the papers for my two elderly neighbors. I believe in their thankfulness they often express for not having to wander out in the cold, bend down and retrieve the paper on their own.

I believe in the rhythms that soothe my soul as my shoes hit the pavement.

I believe in the fresh air that filters in and out of my lungs and the sound of my breathing in the quiet, still, morning hours.

I believe in the responsibility to clean up after my animals, leaving each sidewalk, yard, and park as I found it.

I believe in the others I see out at this time of day, some with a leash in their hand and others with treats for my friends.

I believe in the time spent walking and thinking and the many ideas, inspirations and plans that fill my head.

I believe in the neighborhood and the families that live here, the flashes of television sets and dim lights that filter out the windows as I pass by.

I believe in the sunrise as it begins to take away the darkness that consumes the early morning hours. I believe in its warmth as it shines on my face.

I believe in the effort of this exercise as the sweat runs down my back and I head back to my home.

I believe in the establishment of this routine, the familiarity it breeds and the sense of calm it brings.

I believe in the future of the kids I see who are unloading off the bus as I walk past the school.

As I walk back into my home, I believe in the new day that is now on the horizon. Completing this daily “chore” and getting ready for the new day, I believe in the two four-legged friends who are now sacked out on my bed.

I believe in walking in a new dawn and all it brings me even before the sun comes up.