This I Believe

Jade - Tampa, Florida
Entered on November 10, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe you should live your life to satisfy you and only you. When we were brought in this world, we came in alone (most of us anyways). I don’t understand why some people live to satisfy everyone but themselves. That really confuses me. If you are married or in a steady relationship I might be able to understand the mutual doing for eachother. Even then I wouldn’t expect someone to always do for me. I would never expect anyone to cater to me. I am a grown indepent woman and I don not need anyone to do everything for me. I have some friends who are so wrapped up in everyone else’s life that it drives me crazy. I am not the type of woman who likes or deals with drama so I do not like that some of my fellow associates are into it. I know these two girls (one happens to be my sister) who are the biggest gossipers that have ever walked the face of the planet. My sister can not keep a secret if it saved her life and she wonders why I don’t like telling her things.