This I Believe

Carol - Mason, Wisconsin
Entered on November 10, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I Believe

On Memorial Day this year as I was standing in our little churchyard cemetery I overheard a comment from a Marine Veteran and special friend that I will never forget. As the tears were running down his face, as the sad memories invaded his soul at that moment, as he was holding his hands below his stomach, he said, “I will NEVER forget the young men, standing there holding their stomachs crying “ma ma, ma ma”!

I believe at that moment it hit me. I will never know the horrors our soldiers, men and women, of all branches, have seen.

I believe that this brave Marine will struggle to become a normal human being all the rest of his living days.

I believe, that no matter which of our servicemen & women sees the ravages of our wars…they will NEVER return to having a peaceful soul, a day without hidden tears. They suffer.

We can enjoy our freedom that they have fought so bravely to give us, but as for me…I wish I could carry some of their burden. I believe I can never imagine what they went through simply because I have only heard the war stories…I have never seen them. We only hear bits and pieces as they are unable to tell what they have seen, it is to horrid, but it is buried deep within their soul. Forever!

As a photographer I happened to capture the picture of this veteran with his head tilted toward the sky, his hands under his stomach, the tears flowing freely. I don’t need to look at that picture, it is embedded in my memory forever.

God Bless our Veterans all the days of your lives.