This I Believe

Veronica - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on November 9, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe that you should appreciate the life you are living because not everyone has what you have.

Not everyone has riches and fame, not everyone has a life planned out for them, and not everyone has shelter, food, or clothing. When a person loses a loved one it’s hard on them to realize how fortunate they are to have someone who cared about them. They don’t realize what they have or how important something is until they lose it.

When my Great Grandma died I thought that it wasn’t fair because she wasn’t addicted to a drug or didn’t do anything bad. I was at her funeral and I was thinking about the people that don’t have a family or anyone to care for them and they still live life to the fullest.

Normally when I’m having a bad day or when nothing is going my way I always think it’s not fair. Sometimes I have to stop and tell myself that some other people don’t have what I have and life is harder on them. They have to try and find a way out of the cold or just survive the night when they aren’t protected. Most of them are on the streets because their life was taken away from an addiction to a drug or a person could have badly beaten them. They could have been alcoholics and forced to leave their home because they didn’t have money for rent. When we see them we get scared and try to run away but all they want is someone there to help them get their life back in order. All they want is someone to love, care, and help them get food and a safe place to live.

For the people who have taken their lives in the past years were just looking for someone to help them through their tough times. They probably didn’t realize how precious and valuable their life was until it was too late.

So when life is getting you down, nothing is working your way, or you just can’t find a way through something, just stop and think of the people that aren’t as lucky as you. This I believe.