This I Believe

Carmela - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on November 9, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

“This I Believe” Essay

At age 14 I believe that it’s hard to be committed to one sport.

Working really hard was all I can do right now with the sports I was playing. “Don’t stop,” I kept repeating to myself. Playing different sports at once was complicated for me, because I was worrying about other things. Even though I wanted to quit, deep down I didn’t want to stop. My parents kept telling me, “When you get older you’re not going to like spots anymore, because you’re warring yourself out.” I told them, “Nothing can stop me.”

At age fourteen, I’ve learned that it’s hard to be committed to one sport at one time. Once you play more sports, you think of all the sports your playing, and can’t think of one. After a while you’re thinking about different things, such as school and social life. You learn a lot from playing multiple sports, such as had its lots of work.

While playing different sports, you also learn that sometimes it can be tough. If the sports are hard, you get stressed and possibly want to quit. Usually you have to keep track of what time practice and games are. It can also make you stressed out by practicing whatever you need to work on, because you don’t want to fall behind. When you play multiple sports, you also need to keep track of what time your practice and games are. It’s a busy schedule, but even though it’s a lot of work, you continue to play.

Playing numerous sports has consequences. One consequence is having practices on the same day. By this, they can be at the same time and you have to choose to go to one practice or the other. By missing a practice, you can fall behind. When practices don’t interfere with each other, you have one right after another. If you show up late, then your coach will get mad because you show up late to most practices, By doing this, this may affect your playing time.

As an athletic person, you have to put school first. School is important and comes first before sports. If you want to continue your athletic pursuits in High School. You have to have a certain G.P.A. It’s very important to keep your grades up and get a good education. Also as an athletic person you love sports so much you don’t want to stop. You don’t want to get caught up in sports, because you’ll forget about other things, such as schoolwork and social life. You have to take it slow and see hat happens.

Sometimes it’s had to become a better player in one sport if you’re playing different sports, because you’re working on becoming a better player in all sports you play. It’s hard because you have to learn a lot about the game.

To me sports are a gift to mankind. If it weren’t for sports, then the world would be different. The world would be boring and more violent. That’s why the world has sports.