This I Believe

Gavin - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on November 9, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I Believe

I believe that desire and passion can enable you to accomplish great things. I know this first hand because of a basketball team that wasn’t the tallest or the biggest; a team that went though the many ups and downs in a season, and was just a team that no one thought had a chance to be a winner.

At the age of 15, I was the only sophomore on the Varsity basketball team. As a freshman I played Junior Varsity and now another year later I was trying out for the Varsity squad. I even recall the first practice was on October 31 at 5 o’clock. You condition for one week and at the end of the week the coach picks which players to keep. When it was all said and done there was one freshman, one sophomore, two juniors, and nine seniors.

We practiced Monday through Saturday with some of the holidays off. I learned very quickly that it doesn’t matter who you are or how good you are. The only thing that matters is what is on the front of that jersey. After three weeks finally our opening game came. This first game was probably foreshadowing the way our entire season would go. We won by a last-second shot and before you knew it, we were 5-0 for the season. Our next game was a big rivalry game, which we lost and gave us our first loss. It also brought us back to the fundamentals of basketball and hard practices six days a week. All of the thirteen players were giving their all to be a part of this team.

District went by very quickly and we took third. The good news in that is that we still got to go to state. Our first State game was at home and it was close until about the forth quarter when we blew them out. After that win we would play our next game in the UNM PIT. But a bad thing was that we had to play the number one team in the state. This team was taller, outweighed us and gave us a very intense game was from the beginning. My coach put me in during the first quarter and I will never forget what happened. I got the ball with five seconds left and made a three-pointer buzzer-beater to give us our first lead. At half time, I can remember our coach saying that we had more heart, had worked harder and just had more desire. We ended up winning by another last- second shot in overtime.

The next game was the semifinals. We were comfortably ahead at half-time, then up two points with 5.6 seconds to go in the fourth, but ended up losing in overtime. I will never forget that feeling when we lost, along with seeing the faces of the other twelve players. Basketball to me is about desire and passion, both of these things are what got my team and I to where no one thought we could go.