This I Believe

Crystal - Oregon City 97045, Oregon
Entered on November 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: disability


What is perfect? Is it being the skinniest girl, the prettiest, the tannest or the girl with the long hair? Well in my eyes it’s none of that. Being perfect is being you and understanding where other people are coming from. As I entered High school I thought to be popular or to have a lot of friends you had to be all that. What the popular kids find funny is teasing and making fun of other students.

When your hearing this entire group of kids yelling names at other, you would think after a while that they would ask them to stop or say something to someone. Being called fat, ugly or even stupid can hurt, some people take these things to heart and change either for better or worse. As I grew up I learned what I was really about, I started to understand how others felt by the rude things being said to them. People don’t like to be called names or even be teased about weight, race, religion or anything.

I specifically remember this one time when I was walking down the hallway. I saw a bunch of boys making fun of a mentally challenged girl. It was sad to see the look on her face as these boys made rude remarks toward her. I wish I could have said something to them, but they would not have listened to me. When I saw that girl later that day she was telling a teacher about what those boys had said to her as she was crying. I didn’t think really what it would be like to be her. As I put myself in her shoes I thought how sad it would make me if people were making fun of me.

To them they are perfect. They aren’t trying to be any one; they wake up as themselves and go to sleep as themselves. I find it weird to see kids who try to be someone they aren’t or try to be perfect, they are just themselves. If someone has something you don’t, doesn’t mean you’re not perfect in someone else’s eyes. Now I know how hard it is to be tormented or even teased though school. I realized nobody is perfect. If someone has something you don’t doesn’t mean that people wont like you. If everyone in this world were perfect our world would be really weird. We are imperfect and that’s just who we are. Being skinny, pretty, tan or having long hair isn’t the definition of perfect. Be yourself and people will accept you for who you are. Once your able to do this your thought of being perfect will fade away and you will start to see yourself as being imperfect.