This I Believe

Garrett - Benton, Arkansas
Entered on November 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: golden rule

Does it really matter?

I believe in constant questioning: Does it really matter? What is all of the fuss about? If you can see the bigger picture in life, then all of a sudden all of the things that bother you the most are seemingly worthless. A waste of time. A hassle that is nothing more than a burden filled to poison your mind. All of a sudden, the things that you never even had time to think about become astoundingly important. Instead of worrying about making the biggest tip at the table you are at, you just want to be nice and hope that someone enjoys your company. You smile walking down the street because you are happy to not be full of the trivial pursuit that fills the strangers walking by. Does it matter if you are wasting your life on meaningless worries? No. Does it matter if I waste my life on meaningless worries? Yea.

Only when you stop to think, “Does it really matter?” can you see clearly enough to make the most efficient use of your time. All of a sudden God takes His part in your life, and your life stops taking its part out of you. You become something, not just someone. You spend your time, energy, and life making a difference in the world around you; possibly even in the afterlife that awaits you. Why? You spent the time to consider whether your situation is ultimately meaningless or potentially great. So what if you don’t have the newest car, someone with nothing could have heat through a cold winter. Your car being one year older could perhaps mean that someone else is still alive. So what? Well, what if that one extra person adopted a child from abusers later on in their life. Because you examined your life and chose to make a difference over choosing something that means nothing, you made two people’s lives significantly better.

The difference between a hero and a good person is how they react to what they have been given. A good person is known by their peers to do good things. A hero becomes a legend not because of who they are, but what they did. Mother Teresa is a hero only because she was blessed enough to see the bigger picture in life and cursed enough to have the courage to do for others over doing for herself. She had nothing but still managed to give the world to hundreds because of her ability to question her own actions with respect to the big picture. I believe it is time to forget about the past and the present; it is time to look at the future world holistically and act accordingly.