This I Believe

cinzia - upper marlboro, Maryland
Entered on November 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everyone should be treated equally, and not be judge based on there religion, sex, personal preference, or race, etc. The world that we live in claims that everyone is treated equally and that they are not bias on anyone, but I beg to differ. There is racism going on around America at all times of the day, weather you are walking into a store or you are driving a Mercedes bends. You are judged if you are Christian or if you are catholic. If you preference is in liking the same sex you are looked at as a “weirdo” or and outsider. If you’re a black man playing golf he is being discriminated against as trying to “act” white. Across my lifetime I have came across plenty of discrimination an example being that I am a young biracial female who likes to participate in all kinds of sports. People always tend to pass judgments on the fact that I am a female, so automatically I am weaker than the guys playing and I don’t know what I am doing. I am also discriminated against when I go to the local hair store. I don’t know there reasoning for following me around the store and continuously asking if I need help, but I am pretty sure it isn’t because of my good looks. I also have a fetish for working on vehicles, and I have been approach several times by people telling me that I shouldn’t be handling cars in the way I do because it is a mans job. I have grown up with six brothers and I am a very hands on person who likes to plays sports and be active, but in other peoples eyes I am considered a hard core dike. Before I go off rambling on how I am discriminated against I must realize that I sometime judge others without even realizing. What this world does have to keep reminding themselves are that we are all different people with different back rounds, cultures, uprisings, and lifestyles. We cannot expect for someone to think or to believe like the way that we do because it is impossible. What people have to realize is that we are all different individuals with different mind sets, and what is shown on the outside is not always what lays dept within.