This I Believe

Charles - Cuten (near Eureka), California
Entered on November 7, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe,

Rural America is made-up of a lot of hardworking, honest, patriotic, and good folks.

Rural America’s existence depends on the use of natural resources such as timber, grass, fish, wildlife, and minerals and depends on the infrastructure such as milling, manufacturing, recreation, farming, fishing, and ranching associated with creation and use of natural resource products.

I believe,

The good things provided by Rural America are being taken away by regulatory, misguided public, and media driven powers that use pseudo science and faulty thinking to promote the shut-down of natural resource use.

I believe,

Without adverse environmental impacts, himans and all species can benefit from active managment that allows experienced professionals to apply historically proven facts and science, logic, and common sense to improve on Mother Nature’s haphazard ways.

I beleive,

What is happening hurts third world countries, future wars will not only be fought over oil, and thousands of acres left inaccessible and unmanaged will lead to roaring fires that will destroy habitats, species, and humans.

From my life experiences over a long life as I have lived them,

These things I know and believe.