This I Believe

Randy - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 7, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in being silly. Not in the farcical manipulations of a common political campaign, but in good, childish ridiculousness. It ignites the imagination and fuels the soul.

When I was little, Willie Wonka taught me nothing was impossible, except impossibility. Magic is everywhere. I Similarly, The Cat in the Hat taught me to share and explore the childlike wonder with which we are all endowed. Therein is the value of life. There is no value in money. There is no value in time. There is no value even in love if we cannot share it with one another.

Being silly allows us, adults and children alike, to share our love of life. It allows us to share our joys. It allows us to mitigate our sorrows. It allows you to sport a milk mustache, or me to wear pants on my head. (They really fit quite nicely.)

Through a complete disregard for what is “real,” we can explore endless possibilities. We can learn what real means to us as individuals. And we can learn to accept one another and our personal toiletries – I mean realities.

I demand a break from sensibility. I take a detour around reality. My best memories are of laughter. On my death bed, I want those to be my only memories. When I die, I want my children and my wife to remember nothing more of me either. And I want my attorney to remember nothing of the bill.

It’s not always easy to be silly. In a world full of war, poverty, and chocolate bunnies with hearing disorders, only those who are serious about silliness are able to carry the torch. I encourage you to GET serious about it. Pick up the torch. Light your imagination. Carry the light of a better day with you, and you will find that day all around you.

Some people believe they should stop being silly.

They believe they grow up.

I say, they just GIVE up. This, I believe.