This I Believe

steven - Devine, Texas
Entered on November 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

A Time for Peace

Conflicts are every where. With out conflicts the world would stop. There would be nothing to fix because every one would be content with what was happening, and never try to make things better. Nothing would evolve. With out conflict we would still be in the Stone Age, and speak gibberish because people would not have solved the conflict of moving large objects with the invention of the wheel, and no one would have solved the conflict of communication by creating a language. These are just some of the greatest conflicts solved with out violence.

Some of the conflict solved with violence can lead to many bad things; these conflicts may even lead to war. Violence is obviously not the best way to solve a conflict. It may be effective, but the things lost in violence commonly out weigh the things gained by solving the conflict!

There are many ways to solve conflict with out resorting to violence. For instance, in my opinion debating is the best and most constructive way to solve a conflict. It is organized and every one gets a chance to state their opinion. There is no violence involved in a debate. You can possibly take the conflict to court and have a judge, jury, or both decide how to solve the conflict. In court you can have a professional represent you and do all the talking so you have a better chance of winning the trial. If you have tried to solve the conflict but can not come to a conclusion, if possible the best thing to do is agree to disagree.

Conflicts do not have to be solved with violence. There are many other ways to solve a problem with out resorting to violence.