This I Believe

steven - Devine, Texas
Entered on November 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Physical Education

A student’s health is the last thing that should suffer due to school budget cuts. Students in middle school usually have about two or three electives. If a school needs to save money, they should eliminate one of the electives not physical education. Some think it is ok not to have P.E. if the students are taking a health class. This is not true; health class is no substitute for P.E. In a health class, you will learn what lack of exercise will do to your body. To some students this may be a motivation to stay active, but if a student has no interest in fitness at all, health class will not have much of an influence on his or her indecent exercise habits.

America is criticized for being the fattest country in the world. The cure to obesity is not lack of exercise for middle school students. With 12 million teenagers over weight, schools should be trying to keep their students active and healthy.

In conclusion, schools should provide physical education for middle school students. If a school is trying to save money, they should not neglect the students’ health in the process.