This I Believe

Gail - Brea, California
Entered on November 7, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the power of words. Those spoken, unspoken, sung, shouted, yelled, chanted, recited, and printed. The ones glaring back at me everyday from my computer screen and those that remain floating in abstract thought, waiting to be articulated. Although I’ve never considered myself much of a writer or a particularly inspiring orator, I learned from a very early age that the words I choose to express myself could set me apart from the crowd.

Growing up in a Cuban family, it was clear to me from the moment I could speak in sentences that the louder I could make my words and the quicker I could get them out, the better chance I would have at being heard. However, maturity, and with it the realization of the effect my words on others, has taught me to be more disciplined, always searching for the right thing to say and the right way to say it. I’ve come to realize that I think in sentences, always crafting and re-crafting my ideas into perfectly constructed paragraphs. This habit is not a result of some perfectionist quality in my character, but of the need within me to always be prepared to convey my thoughts and emotions in a clear and concise manner.

I do this because I believe that words are the most powerful tool at our disposal. They have the ability to heal deep hurts and sorrows when properly constructed, and destroy hearts and minds when, maliciously used. A great majority of people go through life believing that their words don’t matter…that what they say has no impact on how others think, feel, or live. But I believe that the words we use to communicate are reflections of our souls and, if selected thoughtfully and organized intentionally, can inspire others to live lives full of love, hope, peace, and happiness.

There was a time when I thought my words were wasted…that my carefully articulated opinions and beliefs were lost in the plethora of opinions and beliefs that seem to go unheard. But with every Mother’s Day card that brought tears to my mother’s eyes, and with every blog that resulted in a 6am phone conversation with my father who lives three time zones away, I realized that, at least to the people that matter, my words were resonating loud and clear. Sometimes the impact of our words is far reaching, and sometimes it hits closer to home. But no matter who our words touch there is always a consequence when we wield the most powerful weapon we posses. And this, I believe.