This I Believe

catherine - columbia, South Carolina
Entered on November 7, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

As I sit on my piano bench, playing all of my old favorite classical pieces from childhood, I reflect on the soulfulness and the enjoyment of this experience. It’s noon, I”m still in my flannel pajamas while it rains softly and intermittently outside. I sit in gratitude of this oppotunity to just be on this election day, free from the constant pace and hourly challenges in my position as a middle school counselor. I think about the connection to the music I feel as I play Schubert, Mozart, Debussy, Chopin, Satie and how I lack this connection to something greater than myself as I go about the endless tasks of each day. It seems that most of us lack this connection to the universe and to spirit that on some level we all believe makes us whole. I wonder: if we spent more time in beauty, reflection, laughter, and human connection would our youth be less angry? Would our world look different?

I’m frequently asked why I believe our children are angrier than in times before and I say that I believe is it our lack of connection to soul, to life, to spirit, to people and that lack of connection makes us feel anxious and lonely. And I believe we must create these moments in this fast paced world we find ourselves in and that I am as guilty as the next person in doing what comes easiest: mindlessly going about the day I have created for myself, one that is as busy as it is void from something that makes me feel whole. So I decide on this dreary, lazy and soft day to challenge myself to create more moments like these, to watch tv less often, to listen to and play music more often, to light more candles and to sit. Quiety. And in doing so I become more of who I am. For this I believe.