This I Believe

Lavascia - Portland, Oregon
Entered on November 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Since the month of October many doubts came into people’s minds about what would Lavascia do in the world as an individual. Many thought I would be a troublemaker or a li’l guy that couldn’t stay out of the streets. Many wishes came to many families besides mine. The last 5 years I was working on things besides going to school. Whatever happened when I was done with kids that was up to no good, I started to hit the gym and worked on things that every basketball player does and perfects there skills in practice. Boom!!! The next thing I know I’m in the 8th Grade my skills have developed and I’ve been making good grades. 8th Grade year I was proud of myself for not letting other people get in my head and I stayed true to my team and family. Many people said I could not play JV or varsity but people look at me like I’m not a threat in the classroom or on the court. Now I’m looking back at those cats that did not finish high school and that did not go to college.

I believe in putting in hard work and when when you put in hard work it always pays off. While many people in my age group were sitting at home watch’in cartoons I was doing 200 free throws a day. When you were buying Gaters I was buying Nikes. No!!!!!! matters what it takes to go to the NBA I’m going to be on top. Don’t care what people think, do what you love.