This I Believe

Brandon - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on November 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in words. I believe that words are the most powerful weapon mankind has. I believe words can break you, can ethuse you, can give you hope. Words said the right way coming out of the right mouth could drastically change millions. It’s wierd to see the ripple effect that words have on people.

Words to me are everything, there everywhere and they control us. I’ve seen people crumble to the simple choice of words that are spoken. It’s crazy to see the emotions poor out. It’s wierd to see someone mentally or even physically hurt on account of words. I’ve seen a room of buzzing people go dead silent because one person said either the the right thing, or the wrong thing. I’ve made people break down and cry, people have made me break down and cry. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” That single statement right there is possibly the biggest lie I’ve ever heard in my short life on this earth. Lies, a form of words that makes something untrue. Again something that can literally bring an empire to its ending days.

Words can be used for good though. I’ve seen priests turn atheists into Christians. I’ve seen treaties formed because of peaceful words. I’ve been given the best natural high just because that certain someone happened to say just the right thing exactly when I needed it. I’ve stopped friends from hurting or crying based on the words I speak to them. But just as good has an opposite, words can have an opposite effect and be can used for bad. I’ve seen rumors murder people. I’ve seen words bring razors to wrists. I’ve seen wars started because words were not correctly used. To every good, there is an evil. Such as life.

I use to be a poet, i use to know many talented poets. Their words brought thoughts to my mind that i never thought I’d ever encounter. My poetry brought me to whole new emtions I’d never felt before. I’ve clapped to a many good poems that leave me utterly speechless. I’ve been applauded to the highest degree for reading poems allowed that touched people to the break of tears. Everyone has their talent, everyone has their defense, and everyone has thier weapon. Mine is words. I can twist your mind, i can control your emotions, your actions, and your mood. I just need my words and you become my puppet. I am Brandon, and i believe in words.