This I Believe

Kris - Goshen, Kentucky
Entered on November 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Homework= Waste of Life

Since I could understand the concept of life, I have been told that my time is limited, just like everyone else’s, and that I need to make the most of that time that I spend on earth; yet nine months out of the year, five nights a week after a seven hour school day, I do nothing but sit at home and waste time doing homework. Most would agree that homework would be important in a class like math or Spanish where repetition is the key to learning, but it is time for all of us to realize that taking twenty minutes to fill out a biology worksheet does not really do anything for us, other than make us realize that we could be doing something better with our time. I personally think it is hypocritical for teachers to say to make the most of our lives, and then turn around and give us a three page report to turn in by the end of the week.

Many teachers do not realize that we would enjoy homework a lot more if it was more interesting. No offense to my English teacher, but one of my least favorite past times is reading, yet almost every night we are given a reading assignment. Although this reading assignment may not be long, it is still something that I dread doing. Also, the books that I am required to read are all award winning books, and another personal belief that I have is that all the books that have won awards are the worst books to read because of their poor connection to us.

Just the other day, I realized that I had not seen my friends in a very long time. Ironically when I realized this, I was doing a theology assignment that I had received that day. When I realized this I asked myself, “If we go to school for seven hours a day, then why in the world are we stuck at home doing another two and a half hours of homework at night?” After pondering on that thought, I found myself adding numbers. The two hours I spend at home before school and riding to school are all committed to school. Then came the seven hours we are there, the three hours after school I spend doing extra curriculars, and the two and a half hours I spend doing homework. From adding all these numbers, I came to a total of fourteen and a half hours a day that are committed to school. Then the sleep factor came in. After some research, I found that teenagers need between eight to ten hours a sleep each night, and there went the magic twenty-four hours in the day, no free time, all spent doing school homework and sleeping; and after all this, my teachers want to know why I fall asleep in class sometimes?

My mom- a retired school teacher- has always told me, “A good teacher does not have to give much homework, because they get most of the teaching done in class.” I am not saying that homework is bad for outside school life all the time because it is a necessity to learning, but I am saying that too much of it can seriously harm relationships I have with other people. Five days a week for nine months is a long time, and a lot can

happen if you do not pay attention. I am always told to make the most of my life, but let me learn about school stuff in school, because most of our learning comes from outside of school, our life experiences that shape our personality and our future are underrated, so give me homework, but give me time for something other than school.