This I Believe

Natalie - Lutz, Florida
Entered on November 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“Scraped Knees”

I believe in childhood. Not the playing in the park, “Mom, I want more Ovaltine please”, put a Band-Aid on your knee with a kiss type of childhood. I believe in the getting in trouble because you scraped your knee outside playing in the street like your mom told you not to, type of childhood. The one that shaped who I am, now.

During my childhood there was no extreme, bone shattering family problems or drama. Some may say I experienced a picket-fence childhood; sure my mom defiantly blew a scraped knee out of portion a time or two but, family drama happened after childhood became extinct and I had to suddenly deal with much more than a scraped knee.

As a child every summer my big sister and I would go across the street from my home and play outside with a set of twins, a spoiled brat, and the manliest girl I have ever met. We would do girly things like play makeover and get dressed up. Other times we would crash into trees with golf carts accidentally, hop fences, go swimming or play the longest game of hide and seek ever. Of course there was the girly drama of who got to be the hair stylist playing “Makeover”, but in 10 minutes we always became best friends again. The option of never talking to each other ever again was non-existent. Those summers are ones never to be forgotten. There were no cares, no responsibilities, no adulthood; just laughter, just fun.

It’s funny how a moment can change a kid from a child to an adult. For me, it was my parents divorce at 15. For others, it’s worse, much worse and much earlier. Being a kid for me was a pleasure, smiles were abundant. Time just stood still. I grew up faster than I knew. No one should let go of that freedom. I think that a little kid should always be inside of us. We should always cry over a scraped knee then get up and go play again. I find adults saying how old they feel compared to me, something I never understood as a child. Now I find myself yearning to be the kid I see rolling in the grass as I drive by. I hope that kid is savoring that moment. I believe in childhood, I believe in being a kid.