Jim - Canby, Oregon
Entered on November 6, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that beauty has the power to make us good. I did not coin that statement, but the first time I heard it, something deep inside me confirmed the truth of it. I believe in beauty, especially beauty that exemplified the spiritual power of life.

I am especially moved by the beauty of motion; a skier in powder, a child dancing when she thinks no one is watching, or the fluid movement of an Arabian mare with floating mane and tail, seeming to touch the ground only because she chooses to.

It is said that beauty is only skin-deep, but the reaction it elicits in me wells up from the deepest source of my soul. I feel embarrassed to have my eyes well up with tears while watching a horse run, an airplane carve loops and chandelles overhead, or a fox leap nimbly up on a log while I stand motionless, in full camo, pretending to be a hunter.

Beauty has power. I am melted by kind, intense, intelligent eyes. I feel the spell of inner loveliness that glows and flows out of a person, apparent without words or even a smile.

No one has made me this way. I was not taught to appreciate beauty; at least I cannot identify the source of this all too human affliction. But I do not begrudge its power. If anything, I cherish the way it takes me outside myself, helps me to feel young, and inspires me to be that which I admire.

Beauty most certainly is a profound evidence if God’s grace, teaching us to laugh, smile, and most of all, to dance. It implores us to respect our humanity, to cherish the fleeting moment, and to believe in eternity.