This I Believe

Kacy - Oregon City, Oregon
Entered on November 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


The things I believe become more and more complex or confusing all the time. I change what I believe in as I become educated about other people’s beliefs and opinions. When someone tells me why their beliefs are different from that of Christianity and they have a valid point, I have to research. In searching things about other religions and beliefs I am challenged to think it through. Then once I am educated about other opinions I can take what I agree with and form an opinion of my own.

One thing I believe is everyone has a right to what they believe in. No one should push opinions on anyone. It would be unfair for someone to not agree with the feelings of another person and simple shut them out. I appreciate it when people listen to what I believe and try to understand why I believe in such a way. Because I want to be respected about my beliefs I will do the same to others.

Just because I respect the things that someone else believes or values does not mean that I agree with what they do. In many cases I do not agree with the way people live. When people do things that are controversial and possibly illegal I have no right to judge them. There are times when I do things that many people think is wrong or they don’t agree with. Yet I am forgiven and accepted. I want as many people to feel like they belong in a certain place as possible.

People should show consideration for one another. I feel that we as people need to help others when they are in a time of need or struggle. But at the same time we as people need to consider ourselves. We need to make sure that we do not become as tools to constantly help others. Each person is important and they need to take time for themselves.

I believe that you have to first focus on your own mental health and physical wellbeing before you can help someone else. It would be difficult for someone that is not healthy to help someone else. Each person is valuable and needs to be taken care of. Sometimes people need to struggle through things to be able to grow and learn. So even if you regret something or if it seems like help is needed, it might not have been.

Everything happens for a reason. Things might hurt for a while. But in the end there is a reason that a person has to go through difficulties. For instances, a family member or friend passing away. Yes, this is a very tragic thing. In the end there might be a lesson that had to be taught at that very moment. People have to suffer and endure struggles throughout the course of their lives in order to become stronger, smarter and to be able to deal with even more difficult things.

Everything we do has a great impact on ourselves. Each choice we make creates us. Every time we talk to another person or visit somewhere we learn something and notice something new. Even if we don’t realize what has formed us into this person, the little things are what count.

We exist to face new struggles everyday. We live to overcome our fears. People belong here to succeed with their valuable goals. The things we work towards will be completed.