This I Believe

Josh - Oregon City, Oregon
Entered on November 6, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe

I am changeable

I have a chance

All people are good

Bad habits are like dirty close, you choose to where them

Pain is part of life and either you swallow it or let it out, it hurts both ways

Everyone will die; some choose to die while they are still alive

Everyday is a gift, sometimes it rapped in shit, and you just have to dig for the good stuff

Hard work is necessary for growth

Protein is good, heavy things need to be lifted and all you limits need to be tested

Love is relative, painful at times and a need that everyone must fulfill

My son and daughter are the cutest kids in the world and I would die for them

My children have made me a better teacher; I see Gracie and Cole in everyone

I am not perfect and neither are you, trying to be perfect all the time is disappointing all the time

Ipods are awesome

Everyone should bench their body weight, squat 2x their body weight, Clean and Jerk 1.5 x their body weight

Your body is a temple, build it, clean it, paint it, pierce it, but it is yours and you have to live with it

Everyone needs one second chance

There is no such thing as 110% effort

Opportunity is disguised as had work

All people are created equal

What you drive does not matter

What you want to be when you are little, you should try to be when you are older

It is not the road you walk, but the hand that you hold!