This I Believe

George - Okeechobee, Florida
Entered on November 6, 2006
Age Group: 65+

Things my grandkids should know.

With this election winding down, I wonder if they understand the basic difference between Democrats and Republicans

This, I believe, is one way of explaining the difference.

The next time you come upon a traffic accident, take note of the people there. The one comforting the victim is a probably a Democrat, the one directing traffic is a probably a Republican. Now, there is nothing bad about either person, they just look at the world differently. We need both kinds, about evenly. Too many Republicans and the injured go unattended, to many Democrats and traffic gets snarled.

If somebody has his/her first aid kit out and has put a tourniquet on victim they are probably a Republican. If he/she has found the victim’s lost dog, they are probably a Democrat. If he/she pulls the “Jaws of Life” from the tool box of his pick-up, that’s for sure, a Republican. If he/she offers to drop the dog of at the Vet’s for the victim, that’s a Democrat.

All the people sitting in their cars, waiting for the traffic to clear, are the rest of the general public trying to get to work, soccer practice, home or etc.

The most important vote you can cast, is in the Primaries, because, there you get to select the canidates everybody else has to vote for in the General election

Republicans want government to leave their money alone and stick their nose in your personal life.

Democrats want to mess with your money but leave your personal life alone.

If you have a quiet personal life and money you’re most likely a Republican.

If you have an exciting personal life but not much money, you’re most likely a Democrat.

If you have an exciting personal life and lots of money then you’re a Hollywood Democrat.

If you live in an urban environment you’re most likely a Democrat.

If you live in a suburban or rural environment then you’re most likely a Republican.

Most elections are not won by one party, but are lost by the other party.