This I Believe

James - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

True Nature of a Man

The true nature of people is based sully on the environment surrounding them. We should not blame the man for his nature but rather the society for making man the way he is. From my own knowledge and experience, man can be cruel and harsh, but also loving and kind, and sometimes the same loving and kind person can be that harsh and cruel person as well. This I believe is due to the society we live in which often promotes that a man may love some, but discriminate others.

In the society in which I have been raised I have found that it is expected for you to love those equally fortunate as yourself and judge those who are different. Why is a poor man judged as a man who made a mistake, when his situation is not even known and a rich man judged as man as a man who takes more than he gives, when his situation is not known? Why is a man judged by his status and not his heart? How is it that any man might judge another man, without analyzing his own life first? The reason for all of this is because that is how society tells us we should act. Society tells the poor man he should judge the rich and the rich he should judge the poor, but society never tells us to judge all men by their heart and not status.

I once saw a man hand out turkeys on Christmas to the less fortunate people who could not afford a nice Christmas dinner, but I also saw that same man shooting a paintball gun at the African American boy who walked home from school every day. That is proof that the same loving kind man who would give his own money to see another smile, might also discriminate one to see him suffer. Although society frowns upon racism most of the time, I have found that in most scenarios society tells us that we should treat the ones who are different than us different than the way we treat those who are the same as us on a social scale, but we should rather judge the man as if he were the same as you, because his heart might not look the same as the man does.

With a constantly changing society in the world, there will always be a change in the nature of people. Some might learn to love and some might learn to hate, but this is simply determined by the society which surrounds them. This is what I believe the world we live in is like and this is why I believe everyone nature is different in different societies; however, I can not judge because that would only make me equally as hypocritical as the judger, so instead I will say that all evil in mankind is supported by society and all good in mankind is also supported by society.