This I Believe

Michael - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on November 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30


I have always heard, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

I couldn’t believe this to be truer now than it ever was. The problem seems to be that many people in this day and age are completely content to not only waste their minds, but never even use them for themselves.

As I look around each and every day I see so many people just living in the shadow of what someone has told them to be the truth or the way of life. Hollywood sets the standards of fashion and attraction alike. If something is on MTV then it must be right, or so many people assume.

However, the lack of self thought goes much deeper in my humble opinion.

Political and social views are swayed day after day through use of media and government propaganda, although most are blind to this realization before it is too late. We as citizens of this country are not allowed to hear the entire truth behind most situations our nation faces. Instead, we receive a sugar coated rendition of the truth, if we hear of it at all.

Religious organizations use this tool to their advantage as well, promising hope and eternal happiness in return for unquestioning dedication to a cause most do not fully understand. Thousands, if not millions, of people follow practices of faith they swear to be the truth, yet they have never experienced another form of faith to make this assumption from.

We as a people must start thinking for ourselves.

Yes the fear of everything we have been told possibly being a lie is overwhelming to say the least, but if we do not start, things will never change. Leaders and politicians will continue to spoon-feed us their truths, and we will never know for ourselves what the facts are.

I for one am willing to take that chance of learning everything I know to be true is in fact a fabrication if it means I reached that realization on my own.

Most of us have been told from childhood it is wrong to question authority. This is instilled in our minds from the cradle as an absolute law. Now ask yourself this, “If the authority figure is wrong, who is supposed to tell him?”

In my opinion it is not only okay, but necessary to question authority whenever you deem appropriate. I will agree there is a time, place, and amount of respect needed for such an occasion, but the fact remains that it is our duty as citizens, employees, and human beings, to know and understand the goings-on of everything around us.

Whether you choose to use your mind to analyze, create, or just simply daydream, use it as you see fit, and stop letting others use it for you.

THINK! It’s not illegal yet!