This I Believe

Brianna - Westlake Village, California
Entered on November 5, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Story of My Youth, Story of My Life

Brianna Bitton

I was four at the time and I was all snuggled in my blankets as my mom came in my room to say goodnight and tuck me in. My little brother hopped on my bed and we both begged her to read us our favorite story before we went to sleep. She said “well ok, but don’t give me any trouble about going to bed after.” We both promised we would go to bed right after. So she got the book and we all cuddled together as she started to read.

The book was about two witches one good witch and one mean witch. The good witch would go around doing good things for the people in the town and the mean witch would come right after to mess it all up. The two witches Alice, the good witch, and Greta, the mean witch, went to a special witch school and the teacher would always say, “whatever you chant, whatever you brew sooner or later comes back to you.” And at the end of the story Greta would always have to fix or pay for the bad she’s done and Alice would always be nice and kind and rewarded for the good she’s done.

“Whatever you chant whatever you brew sooner or later comes back to you,” taught me to look at life with a positive attitude and that every choice you make or everything you do will affect your life some how.

When I was little it didn’t really occur to me but the lesson in the story also happens in real life. When I was four the reason I liked the story is because of the spells and magic that was evolved, but if you take all those things away you will have an incredible lesson that we all should learn. The lesson and what I believe is that when you’re good, good things happen. Some refer to it as “karma” but I feel it is a little more than that, it means that when you are nice or caring you will be known as a nice and caring person, in return people will be nice and caring to you. Also its not always that bad things happen to bad people or only good things happen to good people, we’re all human and we make mistakes and have problems in our lives that we have to deal with but it is how we view our problems that help us get through them, and if we have a better perspective most likely we will be satisfied with the outcome.

This idea can also work in reverse and I have always kept that in mind. Before I do something I always try to ask myself “is this a good thing to do” or “would I be ok with being treated this way” but, sometimes I slip, and I get frustrated or mad and yell at my brother or get in a fight with my mom and dad and I always pay the consequences.

I always try to be the best person I can be and I will always remember, “Whatever you chant, whatever you brew, sooner or later comes back to you.”