This I Believe

Zach - gig harbor, Washington
Entered on November 5, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Beliefs and opinions. These are two words that have made and broken many countries, empires, and relationships. These two little words that we use in every day life. Through out history these words have caused wars that have killed millions but have also brought millions together. When I look back at foundation documents one comes to mind and that is President Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg. In it he says that these people will not die in vain. But when you think about it the people died for their beliefs. They all died for their opinions. Even the people that continued the fight after Gettysburg would live and die for their beliefs and opinions. On the other hand our country was “united” because of the people who believed. They believed that our country should be together while the others opinions about slavery and other subjects would keep it apart. Another belief and opinion is slavery. Millions were enslaved beaten and killed for the belief that the victims were lesser people. The opinions of a few would control millions while disregarding the opinions and beliefs of the unfortunate. As Martin Luther king JR. and millions others believed years ago “I have a dream” this dream was freedom from segregation. These people believed so deeply for the cause they were willing to be imprisoned, beat spit on, and even killed for their opinions. Even in my life the things I believe in and my opinions are what’s most important to me. Everyone in this world is driven by their opinions and beliefs whether they contain evil intentions or the up most holiness. For another example we can look back at one of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar solos. In this solo he played a very twisted rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He played the solo according to his beliefs. He believed in Rock n’ Roll so that how his version came out. Even the people who loathed his solo had opinions of their own. Opinions and beliefs, two little words which shape our every day life and the future of our world as we know it.