This I Believe

Lynda - Weyauwega, Wisconsin
Entered on November 5, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I’ve known them, you know, heroes. I certainly have. They’re there where you least expect them to be. And they don’t look, or act like you would expect heroes to look or act like. But they’re heroes, alright. And they’ve been around me all my life.

This one hero I knew, he rescued some kids…well, he wasn’t much more than a kid himself. No one else wanted these kids…treated them like they were throwaway kids. Even their own families treated them that way. This hero, he swooped in and grabbed them up and held them tight and said to everyone,”They’re my kids…and I’m their dad!” And everyone knew he meant it. That was years ago and he still holds them tight. And these kids, well, I’m not sure, but I think they’re heroes in the making.

And I knew this other hero. Well, he sure didn’t look like a hero when I first saw him. He was messed up, real bad. It looked like he was a goner for sure. Damaged goods. But he kept trying, you know, as if he knew that he was worth saving, worth caring for, worth fighting for. I knew he was a hero them, because he did it, you know. He saved himself. He’s becoming somebody…getting up everyday and doing the best he can. I’m real proud of this hero, ’cause you know, it’s real easy to give up on yourself.

Some heroes are around for a long time and you might not even realize they’re heroes because you can’t see them doing any heroic stuff. But that’s only because the hero part of them is just waiting and growing inside, waiting for the right moment to come out and show itself.

That’s the way it was with this one hero I knew. He was kind of a funny guy. When you were with him he’d make you laugh, and you’d feel pretty good. You knew he would do anything for you and not expect a thing in return. He was real genuine that way. But he always seemed to cause alot of pain to the people who loved him. I don’t think he meant to, it just always seemed to happen that way. Alot of people thought it would always be that way with him. Maybe he even thought that, I don’t know. But that’s the funny thing with some heroes. It takes the hero part of them a long time to gel, but when it does, it makes alot of peole feel really good. This hero, he not only saved himself, but he saved his little boy, and a woman and her three kids, too. That’s why I say that sometimes waiting for the hero part of some people is really worth it.

Some people might think that most heroes are men. That’s not true because one of the best heroes I’ve ever known was a woman. She was fierce and seemed fearless. I knew her for a long time. I’ve seen her fight alot of battles…she won some, she lost some. She’s taught me alot about what a hero is. You know, the part of them that believes right is right and wrong is wrong. And that right deserves to be fought for…even if the battle is going to be a bad one. The part of them that believes that it’sreally important to fight with the little guy in the corner even if his battle is going to be against the bully, because, well, right is right. I love her for that.

One of the most important heroes I ever knew saved, well, me. Yeah. And you know the funny thing, you probably wouldn’t even recognize him if he were in a crowd because he doesn’t really stand out or anything. He kind of quiet. He has real gentle eyes. It’s those eyes that I see sometimes when I feel like I am in a real bad need of saving. Like I’m going down fast. Those eyes tell me ‘…not a big deal. Just let it go.” Sometimes they just make me feel that everything is going to be OK and that everything works out in the end. Sometimes I just need saving tht way. He also showed me that everyone can be a hero everyday just by doing the things that are right in front of them…be good to the person next to you. think good things about people. be happy for yourself and those around you. Yeah, those are the really important heroic things to do.

And you know, it’s funny. I think heroes tend to like up with other heroes. You know that hero who saved the kids? He married this woman who said ‘Yeah, they’re our kids.” You gotta know she’s a hero. And the hero wo saved the woman and her three kids? When I look into her eyes, I see a hero in there. She did some saving before she met him, I can tell. I think she’s fierce too, but in a real quiet way. I like her for that.

I guess, in the end, knowing heroes the way I have, makes me believe the world’s gonna be OK. You know, this I believe.