This I Believe

Joyce - Washington, District of Columbia
Entered on November 5, 2006
Age Group: 65+
Themes: war


A new way to look at Globalization

I was twelve years old when a curse was laid on me by way of a course in Medieval History. I remember the school, Winterhalter Junior High, I remember the teacher’s name, Mrs. Lyman, I remember my seat in the classroom, 3rd row, 4th seat, and I’ll always remember Mrs. Lyman’s mantra, “If I have what you want, or you have what I want, I’ll fight. There will be war.” And, there always was and always will be…WAR. It’s true. Every history course, every radio station, every TV station and every newspaper tells of war, then, now, and forevermore.

A European History college professor, much later on, spoke these words and they closed my mind forever for a hopeful future. He said, ” Ever since recorded history began, there has never been a time when war has not existed somewhere in this world.”

So, I listen with patience to Everyman, be he priest, politician, economist, professor, farmer, salesman or ditch-digger as he prattles away with dreams and schemes to improve our existence in this world……but it all ends signifying nothing.

What with Iraq and its insurgencies, North Korea and its nuclear bomb and Iran, ready to exchange its oil billions for a few of economically bereft China’s bombs to add to its own, or some politico-thief getting hold of one and holding it out for ransom, what are the odds for future generations?

In the words of my four-year old grandson,”It just gets worser and worser.”

Praying for peace? Lots of luck. So I have stopped trying. I’ve got what I want, you keep what you have. Let’s just stay relaxed.


This I do believe