This I Believe

Moses - Gig Harbor, Washington
Entered on November 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

What if a zebra had blue and white stripes instead of black and white stripes? Would it still be a zebra? Why wouldn’t it still be a zebra? It’s only a little difference. What if someone at school wore their hair up in a Mohawk, dyed green with tight jeans on? Are you going to disregard them as a human? You may not, but there are people who will just because they wear their hair different and wear tight jeans.

You probably think it’s stupid and dumb to make fun of someone for having a different style of hair or wearing tight jeans, but what about the people who live off making fun of others. But why can’t someone just be left unbothered because they are different? I believe everyone should be different. If everyone you knew acted the same exact way every single day of your life were would you get your diversity in life? I feel that it doesn’t matter what any person decides to, believe in, act, or choose to do. Be it religion based, sexuality, beliefs on government, etc. When did they decide that democrats and republicans couldn’t be friends? When was it established that members of two different religions couldn’t hang out? I know that there are tons of people who believe in different religions that are friends, but there are some who hate other religions for not believing what they believe. I have a friend who’s crazy about god, (By the way I have chosen not to capitalize the word “god” even though it is grammatically correct) my friend is a total nut over god, and he’s kookoo for Jesus Puffs. If I told him I didn’t believe in god, Jesus, Christianity, or any religion for that matter, he wouldn’t say anything, but he’d stop hanging out with me because of it. He’s so strung up on it that he believes every load of horse crap he’s fed that it’s made whom he is. That’s his individualism, but the bad part is it’s made so much of a part of him that if whomever he hangs out with isn’t as hard-core religious as him he won’t accept them. Individualism is great, but you also have to be careful to make sure it doesn’t set guidelines for what you think everybody else should be like, that would contradictory.

Individualism is the key to life. It’s what made this country. We decided to be a different country and let ourselves live a life of freedom. What if we didn’t have individualism? What if Martin Luther King Jr. never gave his speech to tell the world about everybody being equal? What if Benjamin Franklin never gave us our four rights including the right to live without fear? And what if the Constitution never was written? Would we still have freedom of speech, press or freedom of anything? Thankfully it doesn’t matter, because we live in a free world based on individualism. Everyone should be an individual, do something different or out of the ordinary. If there is something you’ve always wanted to do, are you going to let someone who isn’t you, tell you, you shouldn’t. If you’re friends won’t accept you for doing something weird or out of the ordinary, then maybe you should reconsider your friends, (Unless it involves hurting someone, in that case use your brain.) Never let anyone tell you, you can’t. Only you can do that. Don’t be yourself, instead make yourself.

My name is Moses and I’m a blue and white striped zebra and I feel that everyone has the right to be whomever he or she wants without having to worry about what others think or say and if you don’t agree with what I’ve said then I really don’t give a damn, this I believe.