This I Believe

Brookelyn - Delta Junction, Alaska
Entered on November 3, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in funny. Not just a good joke or a timely banana slip- but the concept of funny. Things are so serious in this world, and I find great relief in laughter. Some of the dumbest things are funny. I own five SpongeBob SquarePants videos and will readily admit that that sponge is a genius. Next time you’re having a bad day, go rent some SpongeBob and see what I mean.

Life is a constant circle of ups and downs, but does it have to be? You can either let things get to you, or you can let them get funny. I love the wild goose chase that a well-placed garage sale sign will lead me on- when no apparent garage sale exists at all. I think it’s funny that no matter where I go I get the slowest check-out person who has just run out of singles. I think it’s funny that I don’t have indoor plumbing but recently bought a pretty nice espresso machine on eBay. I’m gonna plumb it with a five gallon jug. I’m such a sucker.

Is it me or isn’t it just a little bit funny that side by side President Bush really does slightly resemble a monkey? And I heard our former president was recently lecturing about ethics? Next time I’m at the polls, I’ve decided I’m just going to vote for whoever can breakdance.

I think it’s funny that I got a Victoria’s Secret catalog in the mail the other day when my husband’s idea of a dream girl involves a camouflage bikini, a bottle of DEET, and a boat ride to some really good pike fishing. I think it’s funny that I’m considering Oil of Olay for the first time. I can even grow a mustache. Isn’t that hilarious.

What’s the point to life if you can’t see the funny in things? There’s a time and place for being serious, sure, but mostly life is just plain funny. We all pick our noses, sing off key, and look like potatoes. But heck, no one said we have to be dull. I hope my tombstone will say something like, “She sure liked pancakes, huh?”