This I Believe

Matthew - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

One thing that I believe in is parents putting trust in their child to make the right decision. I think that it is very important for a parent to trust their child with all of the decisions someone could make. Especially when the child is in high school because there will be many parties and other things that can test someone at this age.

One reason would be peer pressure. If someone’s friend starts to drink or smoke that person is likely to drink or smoke as well. I think it is the parents’ responsibility to talk to their child so this wouldn’t happen. They can’t stop the friend from trying things but can help their child on making the right decision.

This has happened to me before. There was a party I wanted to go to but my parents wouldn’t let me. They wouldn’t let me because I did not know if there was going to be alcohol or anyone smoking or anything like that. They wouldn’t let me go because they didn’t want me to even think about trying anything. They said they still trusted me and agreed with me on how I wouldn’t try anything. It made me mad because they still didn’t let me go. I think the main reason behind it was because there was still a little doubt in me that I still would try to drink or something.

I think that they didn’t really trust me and they were just saying this to make me feel better or something, I am not exactly sure why though. I feel that they would have let me go if they truly did trust me and that I wouldn’t try to smoke or drink or anything. But they are my parents and they make the final decision and I think there were other factors that helped them decide because they both love me very much and only want the best for me.

I think that it is very important to make a strong relationship with your parents. I feel this way because of something that involves trust. When you are in high school you start to get more responsibility as you get older like driving, a job, school work, and going out with friends. I think it is important to have a strong relationship so they can trust you with a 3000 pound vehicle, getting up on time for a job to get money, or going out with friends and having a good time but still trust you with your decisions you make.

So I think parents should give their child a little space and trust them to make a good decision when they need to. Let your child go out and have a good time but still can trust them at the same time.