This I Believe

Lindsey - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife, death

Communications from Departed Loved Ones

I truly believe that there is life after death and that sometimes departed loved ones try to let us know they’re okay. I think a lot of people write off signs from departed loved ones as mere coincidences.

One example that backs my belief that our departed loved ones try to communicate with us happened after my grandma died. At her funeral, the glass of several lights in the church broke. Later on we began noticing that in other places, such as stores, lights started going out in our section of the store, and we took it as a sign that Grandma was trying to communicate with us and was trying to let us know that she was okay. It was a nice comfort.

Another situation in which something like this has happened is when my baby brother Jordan died from a heart defect 16 days after he was born in February of 2001. It was really sad, but since then my mom has noticed signs that he has been communicating with her. For instance, one time as she was driving, she was thinking about him and all of a sudden, right when she was thinking of him, she saw a big street sign that said “Jordan.” It didn’t say “Jordan St.” or “Jordan Dr.,” it just said, plainly, “Jordan.” We think he was trying to let my mom know he was okay.

My mom has helped me to cultivate this belief in departed loved ones trying to contact us by telling me about her experiences. She’s also passed philosophy to me about how people can only see the signs if they open themselves up to seeing them. Otherwise, they’ll only see them as coincidences.

I really believe that our loved ones try to let us know that they’re okay by giving us little signs that we can choose to ignore or that we can embrace as proof of communication. Some may not be able to accept it and will be content with coming up with a rational, logical explanation for the event. The evidence I’ve seen from the lights and my grandma, and from experiences like my mom’s with the street sign that said my brother’s name on it has been enough to convince me that it’s not always pure coincidence and that our departed loved ones are, in fact, trying to communicate with us.