This I Believe

Ted - Sonoma, California
Entered on November 3, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that all we see will forever be

Reflected in our hearts and guided by life’s rituals

That Beauty is a seed within all things

But to be nurtured by love to realize its full potential

I believe that all living things are like notes in a symphony

Played individually but always striking one harmonious chord

That all people and all languages are saying the same thing

Freedom from suffering and eternal rest in peace

I believe that the universe is as it should be

And all that exists is meant to be

Where we see evil and wrong doing

Are but waves upon life’s endless sea

I believe that there is only one truth

That takes us all from birth to death

And that Truth is known by all who seek to be free

Because it dwells in the silence between each breath

I believe that we have but one enemy

That dwells within our souls

Always taking us for a meaningless ride

Until our sense of universal feeling unfolds

I believe that sleep is our eternal guardian

Forever watching over our deeds

For when we awake to the essence of Being

Life and Death in Bliss are freed