This I Believe

Rikki - Las vegas, Nevada
Entered on November 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

The Hearts Playground

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” That is what she asked me when she saw Mike for the first time. I though about this for a few days, is it possible to love someone with just the first glance? Can you love someone with out even having a conversation, or seeing their personality?

Personally I believe in lust at first sight. When you see someone for the first time you either get attracted to them or you don’t, you have no idea what they are like. All you know is that they look good and you would like to pursue them based on their looks alone. When I told my best friend this she was baffled; Rikki, the hopeless romantic she had known for two years was no where to be found.

Lust is a powerful thing; it can trick the mind, and even the heart into seeing, or feeling something that is not there. It has taken control of me many times, I see the most handsome guy walk into the room and automatically tell my friends “ Oh I am in love.” But really all I want to do is take him behind closed doors, I am not thinking of having an actual relationship with this boy. Once the rush of something new is gone you realize you did not even have feelings for this person, you just lusted after them.

True, lust is a feeling, but it is not love. Lust just comes out of no where and hits you with out warning. Lust is the hearts playground. It takes you heart through many obstacles, like the one your third grade P.E. teacher set up for you and your classmates. They make those things so hard that you are bound to fail, lust does exactly that. It makes you run around in circles chasing after something your heart does not even want. After you have fulfilled that craving it leaves you empty, confused. You followed what you thought was you heart, but are pained for it. Why you ask?

Because it was not your heart it was that animalistic instinct we have to mate, and reproduce. Lust is just a trick we all fall into, while our bodies and minds feed on a primal need. We get so wrapped up in looks that we cannot see how wrong this person is for us, or how we do not even get along; that we are fooled into thinking we are in love when really it is nothing but lust.

The dictionary defines lust as an uncontrolled, intense sexual desire or appetite; but the word love is defined in so many ways that many do not even know the true meaning of it. So no, I do not believe in love at first sight, I believe in something more than that. I believe in the power of lust, and what it can and will make us do.