This I Believe

Kim - Boulder, Colorado
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that people can keep learning and changing until the moment we die.

I believe many of us don’t, though.

I believe what is more common is a slow but steady withering inside a husk that dries and dries until it becomes almost like a shell.

I believe it becomes more difficult to re-juice, to turn our minds to the new or unexpected.

I believe sometimes this could be a blessing, when we might otherwise shatter from the force of our lives or cave in under too much understanding.

I believe we are each terribly good at some form of survival that we, alone, have perfected in an effusion of creative brilliance.

I believe it is still so beneficial to reach out and touch the husk and

I believe that there is some part of us that we can connect with some part of another, always.

I believe there is always another word, another chapter, another whole story to be stepped into and put on like a blessing.

I believe in waking up in the morning, in taking a breath we pay attention to, in acknowledging this new moment, and in trying, no matter what.