This I Believe

Ethan - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

How Family Can Change Lives

Since you were a child, you were always told that you need family to be there. Family is supposed to support you and you are to help support it. Rarely, though, does a person stop in their busy life to think how family has helped them.

Perhaps the best way to see how family has helped is to imagine your life had your family not been there for you. If you couldn’t lean on anybody or get advice from someone or get praise when it is due, how would you have turned out?

I believe that I would not be where I am today if my family never gave me a push in the right direction every once in a while. In the crazy world I live in I am always a heartbeat away from a wrong turn. I could easily fall into drugs or alcohol or just become plain lazy. The fact of the matter is that the ones you love help you over obstacles in life and the ones you love pressure you into doing what is right.

Family pressure is much better than peer pressure. When your peers force you into something it is because that is what is considered “cool”. The ones you love are the people who force you into something because it is considered the “right thing to do”. They care for you and don’t let you do anything that is harmful to you.

I believe that if you don’t have a strong family foundation your structure to a good life will crack and crumble. There are so many morals and ideals that people believe in. If you look closely, all of those ideas are built on family.

I recently started and completed my Eagle Project in Boy Scouts. The purpose is to learn leadership and skills that will carry through the rest of you life. My family was by my side supporting me along the way. It’s obvious that my family was helping me. They helped me stand tall an even helped with the project itself.

There is more to it than helping me in those ways though. When I stopped and thought about how proud I was of my project I realized that all the traits I possess that helped me take on and complete my project were all thanks to my family. Working hard for what you want, doing things for the good of your community and the world, and never giving up are all beliefs that I applied to my project. Also, they are all beliefs that my family taught me to live by.

Where I stand today is on the right path. I believe that if I stay close to my family and use what I have learned from them I will continue on that path and make it far. There is no doubt in my mind that I will make it ten times farther than ever imagined if I cherish what my family has to offer.