This I Believe

Andrea - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

A Treasure Isn’t Just Gold

Believe it or not, I love football! Ever since I was little, I always wanted to play. I always tried to convince my parents to let me play. But, of course they said I would get hurt, and said it wasn’t a very good idea. I, was saddened and heart broken, but I didn’t let those words ruin my love for the game.

I continued to play in the backyard, and watch my favorite college team, The Ohio State Buckeyes.

There’s just something about football I find so irresistible! So interested in football, I would always ask my dad about the times he played when he was younger. He told me all the stories about the days he played football. He told me how he played in Grade school, and High school, but he would always tell me about the times he just played in the backyard with his brothers and friends. He told me how he would play for hours, just having fun, with no score.

One Evening I heard a strange noise coming from upstairs. I walked upstairs and noticed the noise was coming form the attic. I walked into the attic and noticed that my dad was in the attic looking for something. I asked him, “What are you looking for?” Immediately after I asked him that, he said, “This.” In his hand was a ragged, worn football. He said the football was so worn, he had replace the laces. He said he replaced the laces with his shoe strings. I told him, “You need a new football. What would you want with that old beat up thing?, why don’t you just get a new one?”

Later that day, he told me about the football he dug out from the attic. He told me how it wasn’t just a football. Puzzled, I told him “Its shaped like a lemon and its brown with laces. It is a football”. He told me how this football was his childhood, and how all the football he ever played was from this football. He said the football was every football memory that was ever made, and that the football was used for every street, or backyard game he had ever played. He said he used this same football ever time he played. I then started to realize what he was saying.

My dad made me think about things. Not just to love the game, but that treasures can be inexpensive!

Later, he gave me the football!