This I Believe

Michael - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Best Policies

There are many discussions over what people believe and what their values are. You often see these things on the television, radio, internet, and printed sources like the newspaper. They may say things about upcoming elections, smoking, abortion, and many other important things. I have three important values that help me to live my life and to be a better person.

Like they say, honesty is the best policy anyone can have. In order for people to get respect, they have to be honest to themselves and to others. Being honest to yourself is standing up for your rights and your beliefs when people tell you something else. My friend and I were approached a couple weeks ago while we were skateboarding by a kid that asked us if we do drugs. Then he asked us if we wanted to try cigarettes or marijuana and if we did that there was a party where we could do this. We both said no and were not interested and took off and called the cops. We later said that doing drugs is stupid because you are only hurting yourself and those that care about you. This challenged our beliefs of not doing drugs and we were honest with ourselves that we did not want to try anything that could harm us. Everyone goes through this and has to be honest when obstacles approach. Being honest to others is also important. My brother told me that you have to be honest to let others know how you feel; they can’t just read your mind and see what you’re thinking. Letting others know how you feel and being truly honest improves how much people actually trust you and if they can depend on you at times when they truly need help.

You also need to have integrity, to never give up even when the odds are stacked up against you. You always need to try hard in order to get the things you want. Integrity in my life is always used in two ways, sports and school. Our basketball team at Our Lady of Visitation was playing in the winter tournament and we were in the finals. We were scheduled to play this St. Dominic team that was undefeated in the season and beat all the other teams by twenty points at least. Our coach came into the gym and gave us a speech about integrity and that helped us to get in the mood to win. We went out onto the court and the game started. With two minutes to go in the fourth quarter, we were down by eight and were tired. We went back out their and our coach said something that got the team inspired. We went out their and we played till we were all exhausted. With five seconds left to go, we were down by two and needed a three pointer to win. We got to half court and our guard shot it, and it bounced off the rim into another players hands. We lost but we didn’t care because we all put our hearts in to the game and played our hardest and almost won. For school, my parents always push me into studying so I can get a scholarship so I work hard and study hard to get good grades.

This is the time of year where you start to see charities and other groups that work to improve the lives of others. This is the last belief that I believe you should have, you should always try to be charitable when you are given the chance, and there is always a chance. You should be willing to help out and donate for the good of others and out of the goodness of your heart. Even if it is lending a person a pen or some money for lunch, you should be happy that you helped someone in need. If there is one thing that my family taught me is that even if you give a little, you still did something that could help others that are in need. My mom, my dad, and my grandparents always said is that you should always donate something to the Salvation Army, when you see them by Kroger’s, and to the Veterans as well as other charities because everything you donate goes to the people that need it most. As long as our doing something to help others and not expecting anything in return then you are doing it out of the goodness of your heart. When I was like seven years old, my dad, brother and me signed up to help people and do charity work. We were scheduled to help this family move into their new house. I feel so good helping others. A couple weeks ago I started to think about being a teacher just to help kids learn more. My parents said you won’t earn a lot of money. I said I know and that money isn’t everything as long as you keep what is important to you. I said I am happy when I see others happy. My teachers inspired me to get into teaching because you can tell they really love it. As long as I got what I need and the people I love, I will always be happy.

These policies are what help me live my life because I am always honest, work hard for what I want, and I try to do things for others. They may not mean anything to some people but it is what I believe everyone should have.