This I Believe

Devin - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

This I believe…..

A ore value I have that drives my life is times of fun. That is really the only thing I care about. If it’s not fun then I wont do it or have anything to do with it, unless made to which is always the case. I play football and soccer because they are the two most fun to me in the world. Having fun just makes everything that’s bad, good, and the good even better. Having fun makes me happy and a much better person at times. Having fun just brings everyone into a good mood if not in one already and makes the good moods amazing. It makes everyone so nice and funny and brings about good times and memories. If there’s fun to be had, I’m there.

There was a time when all of our friends were just chilling and hanging out at my house just bored as can be, and everybody was arguing and fighting like a bunch of married couples. So I decided to cal up some girls and invite them over. When they got here, we all put on our swim suits and jumped in the pool to play some volleyball. Because it was so fun, everyone was then in the best mood ever and there was no fighting at all. The girls even asked to do it again sometime, because they had so much fun. If we hadn’t of went swimming and I hadn’t have called the girls then we would have fought all day and been pissed at each other. And plus the girls wouldn’t have come back. Having fun drives my life to no arguing and fighting. Everyone would be in a good mood and happy. It also brings me and family closer in sometimes. Normally we just sit around lazy as can be. But when we find something that’s fun to do, we go out as a family.

Another value I have is sacrifices. This drives my life because of me knowing that my sacrifices and giving up some small things, and getting the biggest reward in the end keeps me going. I know, and everyone knows that you have to make sacrifices to live and to get things you want. Making sacrifices in my life have made me the happiest man alive.