This I Believe

Scott - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

My Own Self

People are always, “You are so weird.” This was coming from them when they knew a person for a minute and that’s because they acted different. Or after they got to know the person and found out they like to do different things than what is considered normal, they would once again say the famous line, “You are weird.” It is obnoxious that people judge people when they don’t know them. It is an old line, don’t judge a book by its cover, but it is a good line. Though we may not always follow, including me, this is a good thing that people should try to follow. You should try and be nice to people as often as possible. This day in age it is very hard to be nice, as Thomas Hobbes said, “People are naturally selfish.” This is very true in my book; however it would better if it could be fixed. People in this world may get a lot farther if they would be nicer, but there will always be that one person who will never be nice and stab you in the back. This has happened to me a few times and probably to you also. It should be a personal goal of everyone that they should be nice to at least one person who they usually are mean to. It was a major turning point to me when some of my friends suddenly turned against me. They said they didn’t like me anymore because of my harshness. Since this point the issues has been rectified and we have all been nicer to one another. It was hurting to know that people didn’t like me because of my words that were stated. It was a hard period of time for me and it has now been overcome. Most people have probably experienced a feeling like this or something close. They know how hard it is/was and they would probably never want to experience it again and the same goes for me. There will always be rough times in your life, but you should always make them better by being nicer to people around you. This is a believes of mine and I hope you except it also.