This I Believe

Kara - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose, work


I believe when a person is determined and has a good education, he or she is capable of many things in life. It is important while young to set goals for yourself. Knowing you have something to work for in life can sometimes motivate you to work hard and concentrate. My sister recently reached one of her goals and now is a licensed cosmetologist. This was not easy for her, but she was able to get her license simply because she was determined. Personally, I have always set high standards for myself when it comes to completing a task or even my grades at school. No matter how well I am doing, I am constantly determined I can do better. I have always strived to be at the top of my class, and so far I have been able to achieve that. I also hope to graduate from high school with a large scholarship. I set these standards for myself so high because my number one goal in life is to graduate from law school and become a lawyer. Once I have set goals for myself, I am not satisfied until I have achieved them to the best of my ability. Since about the fourth grade, I have frequently had to remind myself not to give up because becoming a lawyer is going to take a lot of effort. I believe with my whole heart that one day I will wear a cap and gown, and graduate from one of the top law schools in the United States. I believe that everyone at some point in their life decides to envy a person for their career, or something they have achieved. What most people do not realize is that if they work hard enough, they too could be living the life they envy. Determination is crucial to meeting your goals in life. When you are determined to do something and you know you are going to benefit from it, the task will be a lot easier to complete. Although it may take you a long time to finally reach a point where you are happy with what you have done, once you get to that point you will be a happier person and very proud of yourself. I believe people are capable of doing great things is they just believe in themselves, focus on the task, and never give up.